Hi! I’m Barb Davis, welcome to Stride Ahead Agility. My husband Jeff Davis and I live in West Palm Beach, FL. We have been involved in dog agility since 1995. Jeff is an avid agility fan & accompanies me to the bigger competitions. He loves cheering on our wonderful family of dogs. I have always loved doing all sorts of things including flying remote-control airplanes and playing the fiddle in a band. But my first love has always been dogs. I have been showing and training dogs since 1970. My first breed was Wire Fox Terriers and I obtained a CDX and CD’s in obedience on them. My first sheltie came to own me in 1975 and they have run the household ever since. I have had several breed champions and Shimmer’s father Zinger won the coveted Best in Show. I had the 7th sheltie to earn both a breed championship and the obedience championship, “OTCH”. I also have my judge’s license for shelties but now rarely show in breed or obedience due to my agility addiction! My kennel name is “Strathspey” which is a county in Scotland as well as a type of fiddle tune. The focus of my breeding program was great temperaments and bodies, perfect for agility! My dogs and I were quickly addicted to the fun, freedom and adrenalin we found in the agility ring. I I have won 6 National Championships with Shimmer, P.J., Zesty & Rock-It. I have had the honor of being on the World Team 7 times with Shimmer, Aspen, Rock-It & Skecher. This sport has truly changed our lives as we have traveled all across the good ol’ USA. Canada and Europe, having amazing experiences and making friends throughout the world. I made the transition in 2007 to teaching agility full-time after a 15 year career of teaching Mathematics at the community college level. I love to teach and the many years of breaking down and explaining the details of Mathematics, has been a huge asset to my teaching of agility. I love working with people and their dogs and being part of helping them grow as a team. It makes me glow inside when a student I have worked with comes running up after a run beaming because of the success they are experiencing and thanks me for the help I gave them. One of the greatest rewards of teaching is hearing of, or seeing that success and how both dog and handler enjoy the agility experience more.