Born 5-1-03, is gone now. He is

the son of Shimmer and sire of

Skecher. He is super fun and

spirited and a very affectionate

boy. He has 4 National wins to

his name! 2006 AKC Nationals at

the age of 2!, 2010 AAC

Nationals (Canada), 2010 USDAA

Cynosport, 2014 AKC Nationals.

He has also been a member of

the AKC European Open team

and the AKC World Team in

2006 where he placed 7th

overall. He has been a finalist in

USDAA and AKC finals multiple

times and won the AKC ISC class

at Nationals. He is MACH 11,

PACH 4 and ADCH. The journey

and career I have had with this

cool dog has been incredible.