Born11/3/95, he is gone now, but his name fit him well. He was a pistol and we called him the “Dennis the Menace” of

the sheltie world. He always seemed to get into some type of trouble and he was very independent. He was a handful

but so much fun, we loved him a ton. He made MACH 5, but his independent nature made it very challenging to run

him. He always let me know when I steered him wrong by taking 3 obstacles in whatever direction I had inadvertently

sent him. He was as fast as Shimmer and I ended up making Pistol my coach, as he always pointed out my errors

instead of covering for me as Shimmer did!  This dog really did teach me a ton, and he was always game to do it again.

I credit him for making me a better handler! We miss this funny crazy dog!