Shimmer is gone now, but oh how he changed

my life. In 1999 I won my first Nationals with

him at USDAA in Ohio. It was so exciting and in

those days Animal Planet televised it and it was

just as exciting to see the broadcast. Because

of this win we were invited to be involved in

the ESPN Great outdoor games from 2000 thru

2004. That was quite the phone call to get! He

won 2nd every year at that event. Again it was

exciting to see the broadcasts! In 2000 he won

a spot on the AKC World Team and I traveled to

Finland where our team won silver and he was

7th overall in Individual. We went on to be

World Team members for 5 consecutive years

total, so amazing to see so many places in

Europe and compete with the best in the

World. Because of him I was exposed to seeing

and working with the best handlers in the

World, and team practi!ces, working with the

best of the USA! Shimmer was so sweet and

bidable and always ready to run agility. I still

miss this amazing dog.