Owned by Barb and Jeff Davis. We are located in West Palm Beach, FL, 4 minutes from the Turnpike, Okeechobee exit. We are 10 minutes from 95. Barb is a 9 time AKC Agility World Team Member and has won 9 National Championships in 3 different agility venues. She was a Mathematics Instructor at the Community College for 21 years. Barb’s many years of teaching, enables Barb to explain the topics of dog agility in a clear and concise way. Barb is known for her thorough explanations and demonstrations of why different moves work, as well as her patience with handlers of all levels and types. Barb has worked with dozens of presenters from throughout the world in order to keep current with what is happenning in the world of agility. Barb offers instruction in dog agility in the forms of seminars, private lessons and classes. We also offer dog/agility/health products and training DVDs.


In late October 2017 Jeff and I traveled to USDAA Cynosport in Murfreesboro, TN with Skecher and Flex. They both had a great showing they both placed in Steeplechase finals, Flex 4th, Skecher 3rd. Flex was in the Grand Prix Finals, a brilliant run but he went off course about 2/3 of the way through when I got out of position. Skecher won the Biathlon for the 2nd year in a row!! So proud of my boys.


In early November 2017 Jeff and I were off to Jacksonville, FL for the UKI US Open. Both dogs ran great. Skecher was in Finals, for he had won the UKI Cup in Texas and he ended up 4th. He ran super, there are some fast young dogs coming up with lots of speed! Both Skecher and Flex won the Combined games which is a combination of Snooker and Gamblers. Both courses required strategy and were so fun to run!